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Kuruvi Rotti - குருவி ரொட்டி - Animal cracker cookies / Biscuit

Kuruvi Rotti - குருவி ரொட்டி - Animal cracker cookies / Biscuit
Kuruvi Rotti / குருவி ரொட்டி was famous in olden days during British period. These were cookies or biscuit made specially for children. In the modern world its quite uneasy to find these cookies in bakeries or shop. I found these cookies in a small sweet stall and thought of sharing this here. Cookies were baked with animal shapes like Elephant, Rabbit, Tiger, Birds, etc and later few others interesting characters were also added. Although i was not able to collect all of these, i managed to collect few cookie shapes that are displayed here. These cookies are crunchy, crispy and sweet.
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Bell Rotti

Butterfly Rotti

Duck Rotti

Fish Rotti

Owl Rotti

Rabbit Rotti

Shell Rotti

Snail Rotti

Violin Rotti

Kuruvi Rotti - குருவி ரொட்டி - Animal cracker cookies / Biscuit pack

Jujube - இலந்த பழம்

Jujube - இலந்த பழம் is a tastier and fleshy fruit eaten as snacks. These fruits are packed with net bags and sold to passengers traveling in bus and train.

Some are excellent taste and some are soar. Some times oil is coated over the fruit as a preservative or for ripening. This net bag is a marketing technique to sell these fruits

கொய்யா - guava

  • கொய்யா - guava a tastier fruit
  • கொய்யா - guava a favorite fruit
  • கொய்யா - guava good for health
  • கொய்யா - guava good for digestion
  • கொய்யா - guava is sweeter