Chennai to Pondy ECR Drive Photos

Few photos have been attached here which was taken during a trip from Chennai to Pondicherry ECR Road.

ECR is popularly known as East Coast Road which is laid near to beach view and coastal region of East Tamil Nadu. Every one will enjoy seeing the places around and i have added few photos taken during my trip.

 This Photo was taken near Toll Gate
 Car moving fast view
 Salt making place seen near Marakannam

 Cool Back waters

 River side view but no water running through it.
 River sand dry and waiting for rain
 Sun Set seen in ECR

 Few photos after sunset

Google Translate - Tamil

Google Translate is a simple and easy tool to translate few important Languages. Approximately 81 language are included for translation.

Please visit the below link to translate from English to Tamil:

For General translation you can visit the below link:

Step1: Open

If you want to translate from English you can select English in the Left side. Spanish and French also included in the Left side. Also this engine can detect few languages automatically without selecting. For example if you type Bonjour it will automatically detect as French. You can also select different languages from Drop down button near to Detect language on Left side. Below are the languages displayed for translation.

Step 2: Now type: How are you.

It detects the typed language as English as shown in the arrow mark at left. Now one can see the translated sentence in right side of the page in Tamil. You can also see the English way of pronunciation in English letters as indicated on right-bottom. Also a Speaker icon is displayed on right side. Click on the sound / speaker icon to hear the translated sentence or words. Although the voice is not very perfect, but one can appreciate the tool that does greater wonders.

Step 3: You can also translate a website to Tamil using this tool.

Open the Google Translate page and type a website name:
Eg: It will display a link of the webpage on right side.
Click on that link, it will translate the webpage to Tamil.

You can see a translation of the website above. An approximate translation is done since the algorithm to translate into Tamil is not that easy. However it will help people understand a website story or concept reading in Tamil.

You can also improvise the translation by providing a better translated sentence or words by clicking on the balloon box "contribute a better transtalion".
This will make us help Google to improvise the translation from any language to Tamil in a better way.

There are also Google translation tools available for Business:

Chennai Bus routes to get footpaths by LS polls - The Hindu

Reference: Bus routes to get footpaths by LS polls - The Hindu

Foot path for Pedestrians and Bus Passengers was shorter in width and was found difficult to use. Few used foot paths and others used the road for walking. There were also encroachments by shops and vehicle parking.

In Chennai a Topographic Survey of bus route was conducted recently and a decision to widen the Footpath was taken. The redesigned Foot path will be around 2 to 2.5 meter wide. Electricity cables and Junction boxes are also relocated to provide way for the foot path.

Zonal Officials will be taking action to remove any encroachments that blocks the Foot path. However steps should be taken to restrict the parking of two wheelers, cars, taxis and commercial vehicles over the footpath. Certain Temporary shops like the tea shops, flower sellers and Tiffen centres are found encroaching, who vacate the place if the officials visit and return to the business again when officials leave.

Widening the Footpath will definitely get praise from Public and will denote the development of our Chennai city. Also this is going to hep the passengers travelling in bus. It will help them reach the Bus stand easily and most of the bus routes in Chennai will be covered by  this newly constructed paths. Thanks to the Government for taking measures to widen the footpath and making easy for the Pedestrians and Bus Passengers.

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Schmidt Memorial to be wrapped, strengthened - The Hindu

Rerefence: Schmidt Memorial to be wrapped, strengthened - The Hindu

  • Karl Schmidt Memorial

  • The Karl Schmidt Memorial is an architectural landmark commemorating a Dutch sailor who drowned in 1930 trying to save the life of a girl. It is located at Elliot's Beach in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. The monument is presently in a derelict state. Wikipedia
  • KarlSchmidtMemorial

    Chennai Corporation is taking good measures to protect Memorials from getting collapsed.

    Eliot Beach is one of the Recreation and Tourist place at Besant Nagar near Thiruvanmyur, Chennai. This Beach is small but attracts many many people. The memorial over here is of historic importance. At present the memorial is seen in broken condition and needs some maintenance work to retain its appearance. Chennai Corporation will  use Fiber Wrapping Technology to reinforce the structure. Once the monument is renovated and if a board displaying its historical importance is done, it will help the visitors of Eliot Beach to know about the History of the place..

    Remembering the leader - The Hindu

    Reference: Remembering the leader - The Hindu

    2 Anna 037

    C.N.Annadurai 45th death anniversary was remembered on 3rd February Monday 2014 in Chennai. Chief Minister Jayalalithaa payed homage to former Chief Minister C.N.Annadurai. DMK president M.Karunanidhi also payed homage to the Former Chief Minister.

    C. N. Annadurai was a former Chief Minister of the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. He was the first member of a Dravidian party to hold that post. He was well known for his oratorical skills and was an acclaimed writer in the Tamil language.

    Reference:  Wikipedia

    BornSeptember 15, 1909, Kanchipuram

    DiedFebruary 3, 1969, Tamil Nadu

  • PartyDravida Munnetra Kazhagam

  • SpouseRani Annadurai (m. 1930–1969)

    Traffic management, via FB - The Hindu

    Traffic management, via FB - The Hindu

    Recently, a traffic situation was sorted out without the complainants actually walking up to the cops.
    All they had to do was to complain on the Facebook page of the Chennai City Traffic Police......

    Crow and Fox Animation

    Click on Flag to run the animation

    I did this animation in Scratch which is an easy way to make animation using simple codes and picture. Please visit

    Villivakam Subway, Chennai

    Villivakkam is a neighbourhood located in ChennaiTamil Nadu. It is a residential area known for famous temples. It is surrounded by Kolathur in North, Padi in East , ICF and Perambur in West and Anna Nagar in the South.

    Indian Railway lines crosses through Villivakkam which divides it into north and south part namely North Jaganatha Nagar and South Jaganatha Nagar. People reaching Kolathur and North Jaganatha Nagar from Anna Nagar and Vice versa have to wait for the Railway Signal to cross the railway crossing near ICF. So there was a demand by the North Chennai people to construct a subway beneath the track to reach either sides. The subway was constructed over a period of seven years at a cost of around Rs. 34 crore. Villivakkam Subway was started on 4 December 2007 and was inaugurated on 19 June 2012. After many delays the bridge was constructed and surprisingly it made every one to wonder how it was constructed below an active railway track fearing of fast trains passing over.The 447.50-m-long subway also has a bicycle or walking lane of 2.5 m width. People cross the roads in this lane easily. The subway is provided with drainage facility too, however during rainy season, water stags over the road and takes few hours to drain. Rather saying this subway connects North and south Villivakkam, it conencts North and South Chennai as well.

    The subway is laid on the Redhills road which conencts Redhills easily from Anna Nagar and Villivakkam. However the road is crowded now, after the subway was opened. The road crossers find difficult to cross the roads near the subway starting point and the road is also small. There is a demand by the people of this area to extend the Redhills road that will make easy for the transport. There are also few Government buses passing through this subway reaching Redhills and Poombukar Nagar.

    There is also demand for operating Mini Buses between Villivakkam Bus Terminus and Perambur through the subway linking Srinivasa Nagar and also the surrounding Areas like Sidco Nagar, Kolathur, Anna Nagar, etc.

    People from South side of the Subway are seen driving smoothly and safely. However vehicles from North side passing through the subway are found rushing and very aggressive which affects pedestrians and road crossers.  Now one can see a Police Man appointed to watch the crossing area for any issues dues to traffic. Since people driving  from market nearby also join the starting point of subway, sometimes traffic jam happens in the South side of the Subway.  School children and Senor Citizens feel disturbed to walk through the streets nearby and to cross the roads, since the traffic rushes aggressively.  There is also a demand by the people on VIllivakkam to the Government to control the traffic and provide a space for pedestrians, considering school children and Senior citizens.

    Other References