Aadi Amman Villivakkam

Villivakkam Baali Amman Koil - Aadi Celebrations video

Aadi Festival

Amman Villivakkam
 Tamil people celebrate Aadi Festival during the Tamil month of Aadi. The entire month is filled with lights and Loud speakers singing devotional songs. Here are few pictures posted, that was taken near Baali Amman Koil at Villivakkam, a location in Chennai region of Tamil Nadu.

Amman2 Villivakkam
 The moth of August coincides with Tamil month Aadi. The Aadi month end is celebrated very grandly with offerings to God Amman and other Gods. Prasatham will be distibuted after offerings to God.The Lord Idols are decorated with flowers and rich costumes. Road sides are decorated with rich light settings of God images and Banners. The colorful light designs of God's attract the devotees.
Amman3 Villivakkam
 Tamil people donate to the Light designs which contribute to the grandness of Aadi celebrations.
Amman4 Villivakkam





Sri Lanka


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Tamil Nadu is one of the state of India where majority of tamil people live. It is the homeland of many Tamil people around the world.

Chennai is the Capital of Tamil Nadu, one of the biggest city in India.

In Tamil: தமிழ்நாடு

Tamil Nadu has 32 districts. Please refer the picture below:

1AriyalurAriyalur1,944 km³752,481387 /km²
2ChennaiChennai174 km²4,681,08726,903 /km²
3CoimbatoreCoimbatore4,642 km²3,172,578648 /km²
4CuddaloreCuddalore3,705 km²2,600,880702 /km²
5DharmapuriDharmapuri4,527 km²1,502,900332 /km²
6DindigulDindigul6,054 km²2,161,367357 /km²
7ErodeErode5,692 km²2,259,608397 /km²
8KanchipuramKanchipuram4,305 km²2,690,897666 /km²
9KanyakumariNagercoil1,685 km²1,863,1741,106 /km²
10KarurKarur2,902 km²1,076,588371 /km²
11KrishnagiriKrishnagiri5,091 km²1,883,731370 /km²
12MaduraiMadurai3,695 km²2,441,038663 /km²
13NagapattinamNagapattinam2,416 km²1,614,069668 /km²
14NamakkalNamakkal3,402 km²1,721,179506 /km²
15NilgirisUdagamandalam2,552 km²735,071288 /km²
16PerambalurPerambalur1,748 km²564,511323 /km²
17PudukkottaiPudukkottai4,652 km²1,618,725348 /km²
18RamanathapuramRamanathapuram4,180 km²1,337,560320 /km²
19SalemSalem5,249 km²3,480,008663 /km²
20SivagangaSivaganga4,140 km²1,341,250324 /km²
21ThanjavurThanjavur3,477 km²2,302,781661 /km²
22TheniTheni2,872 km²1,143,684397 /km²
23ThoothukudiThoothukudi4,599 km²1,738,376378 /km²
24TiruchirappalliTiruchirappalli4,508 km²2,713,858602 /km²
25TirunelveliTirunelveli6,709 km²3,072,880458 /km²
26TirupurTirupur5,192 km²2,471,222476 /km²
27TiruvallurTiruvallur3,552 km²3,725,6971,049 /km²
28TiruvannamalaiTiruvannamalai6,188 km²4,121,965667 /km²
29TiruvarurTiruvarur2,379 km²1,268,094533 /km²
30VelloreVellore6,081 km²4,028,106671 /km²
31ViluppuramViluppuram7,185 km²3,463,284482 /km²
32VirudhunagarVirudhunagar4,280 km²1,943,309454 /km²
Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tamil_Nadu

Tamil People Around the World

Tamil Nadu  - Tamil People living in South eastern part of India

Sri Lanka - Tamil people living in Norther part of the county

Malaysia - Tamil people found in different part of the country

Singapore - A small country where Tamil people are found.

Canada - Migrants from various places of the world mainly from Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka.

USA - Migrants from various places of the world mainly from Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu