Bonding Bahrain’s Binding Tamil Culture


Bahrain, officially “The Kingdom of Bahrain” is a small island country. Many of us would be wondering where is this place on our world map. Honestly, this place is just no less than a mysterious island a very tiny place with so much culture, tradition and multi-lingual community to explore.

Firstly, when someone lands into this tiny island people from various countries would be carrying an impression of dictation part of gulf. Whereas, they end-up exploring themselves onto more partying side of Euro-American culture. But, in-spite of Arabian lavishness, American Parties, Euro trends there is something which slowly grabbed my attention and made me fall in love with this Island. It’s nothing a whole-some Tamil community been meeting so many different people speaking various accent of Tamil belonging to different states of Tamilnadu.

It doesn't end up there, Bahrain holds so many first class vegetarian restaurants under the roof of Capital city of Manama in an area so famous for these restaurants called “Gudaibiya” to name few “Saravana Bhavan”,”Gowri Krishna”,”Sangeetha”, “Pondicherry Restaurant” etc. Moreover, this locality has captive audience with theatres, Indian club featuring Tamil, Hindi & Malayalam movies.

It’s always an emotional moment for every human being on earth when he/she lives away from their home. Where, they are all by themselves missing their mom’s love, dad’s advices, friend’s care and stranger’s conversation. Above all, we being tamilians there is always something as close as faith of god and mom’s love it’s the respect for our language. Am happy to hear, Tamil dwindling all around Bahrain and tamizhans making every moment of Bahrain to make this country proud. 

No matter which part of Tamilnadu you belong from Bahrain is just another developed phase of Chennai. If, u get a chance visit this beautiful island to experience our tradition, people and culture which we have lived through all our life. Feel the happiness of language which is no more a barrier here starting from a taxi man to a trading billionaire tamizh talks for itself.

As they say, “A good conversation ends with a wonderful thought”.

 - By Mr Sameer, Bahrain. +Sam D' Souza

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