Loads of Manjjal / Turmeric

Few days before Pongal Festival , Turmeric leaves with root - Manjjal, arrived in Loads to Koyambedu Market, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. One would be excited to see the Lorries carrying big bundles of Turmeric Leaves / shoots.

Vendors were found unloading the Turmeric shootings / leaves and auctioning the same. The turmeric shoots were ready to be sold out. The roots were seen fresh and it excites our mind to buy a fresh leafy turmeric.
Turmeric has a Medicinal value and a well known herbal in Tamil Culture. Its used in Cooking and Beauty products. The arrival of these Turmeric leaves are for Pongal Celebration. The Leaves along with the root is tied around the Pongal Pot which is a custom followed by Tamil People.

This Picture shows the Turmeric Shoots stored for selling.

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