Simple colorful Pongal Kolams

Two Kolams were snapped on the day of Pongal which were interesting and simple.

The first one was as simple as that. A + symbol was drawn and crossed with X lines. The ends were extended to a point like a leaf end. These leafy ends were further connected with half leaf ends. The inner part was colored with dark yellow like color. This will resemble a flower, The ends were further joined by a single curve and was colored in blue inside. The end points were extended with a pink color flower with leafy like shapes. A green leaf also was drawn additionally. This Kolam is simple and easy to draw.

The second one is worked out with many curve shapes and leaf like appearances. Four heart like structures are drawn over two leaves. In between these shapes "Sangu" - Conch Shell pattern is drawn. These were joined with arcs and curves. DIfferent colors were given for this Kolam. 

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