Water - Costless Medicine for Digestion

For many, digestion have been a difficult task. There are various reasons for digestive problems, but clearing this problem is not a easy task. Many of us will be trying different products or medicines for curing digestion. Out of all Water is precious, cost less and an effective medicine for digestion.

Normally pills are used after food and it improves digestion. Regular use of pills increases toxic in body resulting in irritation over body. Even medical research says our kidney strains more in removing the unnecessary particles from the tablets or pills.

Antacids are also used for softening the stomach burn and heart burn due to acidity. This also improves digestion but on long run increases toxic in body resulting in inconvenience. After long usage its becomes addiction to use these antacids or digestion doesn't happen without an antacid tablet or suspension or gel. All these are chemical oriented and in long run causes inconvenience in our body both physically and mentally.

The food we eat also accounts for indigestion. Fatty foods, artificial preservatives, artificial ingredients that increases taste of food, etc increases indigestion. Usage of vegetables and green leafy products will increase digestion.

Above all to clear the stomach have been tedious for people who have digestive problem. Once our stomach is cleared freely, digestion improves and we become healthier too. Heart burn reduces and stomach problem also gets reduced. Once the Stomach is cleared we are happy for the entire day.

Early morning at or before sunrise is the best time to meet the calls of Nature. Take a glass of water in the initial days of practice. Then make it regular to take four glasses of water every day or near to 1 lite of water depending upon our body condition. If our body does accept 4 glasses of water it is advisable to reduce the number of glasses that we are comfortable with. After taking water rest by sitting or being calm for some time. Try to be calm for 30 minutes, within which the stomach starts to gain weight and the gastritis being released. You can observe some changes in stomach that induces you to move to toilet to clear you stomach. This also reduces toxic from your body and improves health by improving digestion. Also this method is cost less method and a natural way to improve digestion and reducing inconvenience in stomach.This method can control Blood pressure, Gastric problem, Diabetics, Constipation, etc...

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