Google Translate - Tamil

Google Translate is a simple and easy tool to translate few important Languages. Approximately 81 language are included for translation.

Please visit the below link to translate from English to Tamil:

For General translation you can visit the below link:

Step1: Open

If you want to translate from English you can select English in the Left side. Spanish and French also included in the Left side. Also this engine can detect few languages automatically without selecting. For example if you type Bonjour it will automatically detect as French. You can also select different languages from Drop down button near to Detect language on Left side. Below are the languages displayed for translation.

Step 2: Now type: How are you.

It detects the typed language as English as shown in the arrow mark at left. Now one can see the translated sentence in right side of the page in Tamil. You can also see the English way of pronunciation in English letters as indicated on right-bottom. Also a Speaker icon is displayed on right side. Click on the sound / speaker icon to hear the translated sentence or words. Although the voice is not very perfect, but one can appreciate the tool that does greater wonders.

Step 3: You can also translate a website to Tamil using this tool.

Open the Google Translate page and type a website name:
Eg: It will display a link of the webpage on right side.
Click on that link, it will translate the webpage to Tamil.

You can see a translation of the website above. An approximate translation is done since the algorithm to translate into Tamil is not that easy. However it will help people understand a website story or concept reading in Tamil.

You can also improvise the translation by providing a better translated sentence or words by clicking on the balloon box "contribute a better transtalion".
This will make us help Google to improvise the translation from any language to Tamil in a better way.

There are also Google translation tools available for Business:

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