Jujube - இலந்த பழம்

Jujube - இலந்த பழம் is a tastier and fleshy fruit eaten as snacks. These fruits are packed with net bags and sold to passengers traveling in bus and train.

Some are excellent taste and some are soar. Some times oil is coated over the fruit as a preservative or for ripening. This net bag is a marketing technique to sell these fruits

கொய்யா - guava

  • கொய்யா - guava a tastier fruit
  • கொய்யா - guava a favorite fruit
  • கொய்யா - guava good for health
  • கொய்யா - guava good for digestion
  • கொய்யா - guava is sweeter

Malligai Poovu - Jasmine Flower

Grapes in box

Love Birds in pot

These love birds gave a nice pose to the camera hiding into the pot.

This pot is their shelter space....

Fresh Vegetables

Vegetables bought at Koyambedu Market at every Sunday Morning have been very fresh. Few snaps have been attached here. The first snap has cauliflower, cabbage, snake gourd, bitter gourd and  Chayote (chow chow)

Fresh pudina good for taste and mint flavor

Radish is a good medicine for knee pains and a reduces body heat

Tapioca or Maravalli Kizhangu have been a favorite food stuff of early Tamil People and even today.
The above seen are Tapioca, Jumbo Brinjal and Sweet Corn

Small Bitter Gourd - Tastier and Good for Sugar Patients

This small variety of Bitter Gourd is said to be good for sugar patients (diabetics) and also the tastier one when compared to the bigger variety.

They can be chopped and fried in oil to get a tastier side dish. Some use in Kara Kuzhanbu which adds taste to the gravy. This variety is less bitter and delicious when compared to the bigger variety.

Jumbo Brinjal - Gundu Kathirika

Hi it would be fun to call some one as Gundu Kathirika meaning Jumbo Brinjal ...

Want to see the real Jumbo one. Here it is...

We bought them at Koyambedu Market, Chennai, where we can get fresh vegetables. Koyambedu is the biggest vegetable market in Chennai.

We burnt the outer skin of brinjal and removed the outer skin just by peeling out by hand. Next the Brinjal was chopped and fried with masala, onion and other ingredients. This is an excellent Side Dish for rice with sambar or any Veg food. 

Also this brinjal can be used for Gravy recipe with Chicken and Mutton Briyani.