Pondichéry Mineral water is now Ozonised Drinking water

Pondichéry Mineral Water is the oldest brand of Mineral Water in India. This water is directly bottled from a single deep source that knows nothing of pollution and overwhelms your thirst with the natural taste and purity of water you can trust.

The Pondichéry Agro Service and Industries Corporation Limited (PASIC), a Government of Pondicherry Undertaking was bottling and marketing Natural Mineral Water under the brand name " Pondichéry" since 1989.

When the ozonised and reverse osmosis water was in market with cheaper price, Mineral water bottles were not able to compete with their selling price and production cost. The same branded water is now available in Ozonised, RO & UV treated packed drinking water. I purchased a bottle of this brand from Pondicherry Bus Stand PASIC water bottle booth. When compared to Amma Kudineer - Tamil Nadu Govt packaged drinking water available for Rs10, the cost of Pondicherry Packaged drinking water is Rs20. However we still miss the old Mineral water of Pondicherry and its unique taste.

Update: Now as updated at Dec 2015 Pondicherry Packaged water is available at Rs10

New images clicked on 28 Dec 2014 Sunday:

Ref:- http://www.pasicpondy.com/pondwater.htm


Senthil Kumaras said...

Pasic 1litre is 10rs only, sames as amma kudineer; quality is good as well. Pls correct

Arun Tamilah said...

Thanks friend will update the same

Inder Pargai said...

I want to buy this in big quantity for kidney patient. how can i get this in delhi????

Arun Tamilah said...

no idea mr inder