A day after Mattu Pongal 2015

Last year (2014) a cow visited us on the day of Mattu Pongal. We offered Pongal banana and thanked her by showing Aarthi


This year also the same cow visited us on the day of Mattu Pongal (2015) and it was offered Pongal and Aarthi. However since i was out of station i didn't take any snaps.

The next day i was surprised to see the same cow in the morning who brought another two cows. So we had three visitors now.

We offered few food stuff and bananas. They didn't consume any of the thing we offered them. It seemed they demanded some other thing. I wondered how they expressed their demand,

One of our neighbor said that we should offer raw rice flour /  பச்சை அரிசி மாவு with jaggery / வெல்லம் mixed. They prepared the jaggery raw, rice flour and water mix in a bucket and offered to the cow.

It immediately started having this food mix. So we felt many traditions have been forgotten by this generation or it was not taught to us. So i thought is should explore much more traditions of our Tamil Culture and practice.

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