Traditional Pongal in Chennai Page1

Celebrating traditional Pongal in Chennai is not a common thing. We are aware Pongal is celebrated in a modern way with LPG Gas Stove and Stainless Steel Pot. However this year 2015, we decided to celebrate Pongal traditionally. We are aware that we might not be 100% practical, but to try the best possible traditional methods of celebrating Pongal.

A day before Pongal, we purchased a small Mud Pot from nearby market. The Seller Lady demanded fr Rs150 - Rs100 for Pot and Rs30 for the Mud Plate cover. We negotiated for Rs120 Rupees only. She agreed for the price and we took the new pot to our home.

We dipped the new pot in a bucket of water and allowed it to soak. The whole night the pot was soaked and the next day morning it looked brilliant. 

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